Insurance products designed to cater for your needs

Our values and objectives are based on the concept of Treating Customers Fairly. Our funeral cover products and services are aimed and designed to establish financial protection for our clients’. We believe in giving our clients the best service that is of the highest standard.

Passionate about financial versatility

Atlehang Life’s consumers will positively benefit from our funeral cover product, our product covers the cost of funeral expenses and related costs and will alleviate the financial burden associated with funerals.

Atlehang Life’s  funeral cover can provide financial security and peace of mind for your family during the grieving process allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Products are tailor fitted to your needs to ensure service excellence

Atlehang Life partners with respected intermediaries who have years of experience within the financial services industry and who understands the needs of the consumer. This ensures that consumers receive coverage that is both affordable and tailored to their specific needs.

How Do We Make Your  Life Easier? 

Atlehang Life’s funeral cover is important for our consumers because it provides financial protection and peace of mind for your loved ones during a difficult time. It can help provide easy access to funds and customized funeral services based on the selected coverage options.

Financial Protection

Financial protection for your family to cover the cost of the funeral.

Peace of Mind

Having to worry about finances should not be a part of the grieving process for any family so let Atlehang Life ensure that your family’s needs are covered.